The services that “Electron Radiocom” offers to its clients are:

Engineering activity.
• Design and manufacture of remote control devices.
• Installation of stationary and mobile antenna – feeder facilities

Design of local VHF networks and systems.

Warranty and post warranty service of FM radio stations and interface devices:
Maxon SL 80 FM, Maxon SL 100, Maxon SL 100, Maxon SL 100, Maxon SL 1000, Maxon SL 1000, Maxon SL 25, Maxon SL 6000 series, Maxon SL 7000 series, Maxon SL 7000 series, Maxon PM 100 / 160 mobile, Maxon PM 100D, Maxon PM 200, Maxon CM 10, Maxon CM 70, Maxon SD125 RF, Maxon DM70, Maxon MM7000 GSM / GPS Data Modem, Maxon TSF2000 SERIES, Maxon R30:

Consultancy in the field of mobile communication
• Construction of complex subsystems for technological underground radio links at one or several levels with retransmission. The connection is made with a large number of antennas located underground and tunnel sections.

The accumulated technical experience, the staffing potential and the confidence gained by the leading companies have allowed the realization of a number of modern projects of radio communication systems, which can be summarized as follows:
• Microprocessor control systems (with and without selective call)
• Duplex and Simplex analogue retransmission
• Local paging systems with digital and alphanumeric POCSAG indication, with control panel, telephone and PC, with simple 1-, 2- and 3-fold retransmission, message registration.
• Semi-automatic radio systems (telephone interfaces) with 1 and 2 lines, database, priorities, selective call.