About Us

Mobile radiocommunication in the VHF / UHF bands – this are generally features and main points of the company.

Since 1963 until now the activity of the our unit remain unchanged and oriented in direction of scientific research and development-engineering activity for the creation of mobile radio equipment. Over the years, it has also dealt with the development of concepts, the development and implementation of official (departmental) radio links both for the country and for the bilateral and multilateral international co-operation.

Initially, it was started with valve and hybrid, and later with the transistor VHF mobile radiotelephones in the 50 and 160 MHz frequency range.

In the 1970s, the family of portable radiotelephones was developed on the basis of thin film hybrid technology. In parallel, a number of elements of selective call

radio-systems – remote control units, main power supplies, duplex filters, mobile and stationary antennas have been implemented. The equipment operates in the frequency ranges 33 – 58 MHz, 148 – 174 MHz, 300 – 344 MHz, 400 – 470 MHz.

In 1998, the unit is established in a separate private company „ELECTRON RADIOKOM“ Ltd. in order to create a more flexible organization and optimal management.

The general idea of ​​our current activity is the complex utilization of basic types of high quality radio telephones from import with subsequent technical and functional adaptation to our conditions. This aims both to work together in existing radio systems and to implement new system projects with modern equipment. Similar applications have been found in Bulgaria for the production of other leading companies such as MOTOROLA, ZETRON, TAIT, SMARTRUNK, SIMOCO and others.

Adding to this and guaranteed comprehensive maintenance, the professional results obtained have been highly appreciated by the manufacturing companies and the company has been given the opportunity not only to be a distributor but also with the technical potential to become a co-producer of VHF equipment.

At present, the company is the sigle manufacturer of mobile and portable radiotelephones in the frequency bands 50 MHz and 300 MHz, with high-tech imported products being taken for converting. Adding to them the direct applications in the most widely used frequency bands 136-174 and 400-470MHz, ELEKTRON RADIOCOM as an engineering organization is now able to design, develop and build a variety of functions and functions configuration of VHF systems for bidirectional and one-way radio communication in all frequency bands for terrestrial connections.

The accumulated technical experience, the potential of staff and the confidence gained by the leading international companies have allowed the realization of a number of modern projects of radio communication systems, which can be summarized as follows:
– Systems with microprocessor control (with and w/o selective calling)
– Duplex and simplex analogue re-transmission
– Local POCSAG paging systems with digital and alphanumeric indication, controlled from RCU, telephone and PC, with simple 1-, 2- and 3-fold re-transmissions, message registration.
– Semi-automatic radio systems (telephone interfaces) with 1 and 2 lines, database, priorities, selective call.
– Decentralized automatic radio communication systems – SMARTRUNK II with a MAXON radiotelephone module developed by the company.
– Centralized automated systems for radio communication under protocol MPT 1327/1343.
1 Condor / Fylde – MOTOROLA system
1 TAIT system (Pilot project of the „Connections“ Directorate – MoI)

Radiosystems are built entirely of reliable and quality radio equipment from leading global companies such as MAXON; MOTOROLA; SIMOCO; TAIT and others.

The main part of the implemented radio and radio communication systems are for the Ministry of Interior (NSP, NSPAB, NSS, SOT, etc.).

Regardless of the advantageous use of high-tech equipment imported from abroad, the Bulgarian use of Bulgarian products, know-how, etc. remains our indispensable task. For example, in the antenna systems and equipment the company uses the products of the well known famous INMAC 2000 companies and „ICOR“. A number of systems work together with prominent specialists from other companies.

Based on own developments, a whole range of interface devices are produced:
– Simplex analogue repeater SP1
– Simplex digital repeater SP2 (for paging systems)
– Phone interface (similar to ZR350)

Our company is one of MAXON NMT 450i and MAXON 2450’s first and main distributors of MAXON subscriber radiotelephones. Consistent with the expansion of the consumption of the above funds, their full service maintenance was taken over. An analogous approach is the ELECTRON RADIOCOM company for participation in the nationwide GSM cellular digital radiotelephone system.

What does ELECTRON RADIOCOM currently offer:
– rich experience in the field of mobile communications
– qualified personnel
– business contacts across the country with all radio users.
– business contacts with foreign partners.